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School Supply List 2014-15

Bilingual Program

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Bilingual Maintenance Program

A maintenance program provides native Spanish and Native English Speaking students with instruction in Spanish Language Arts for a minimum of 60 minutes per day.

Spanish Language Arts includes instruction in:

 Reading

 Writing

 Grammar

Our Program Is Focused On These Essential Components Of An Effective Bilingual Maintenance



Vision and goals focused on bilingualism,

   biliteracy and multiculturalism

 Enriched curriculum aligned to common core

   state standards (CCSS)

 Quality staff and on going pro-fessional


 Assessment and accountability used to

   monitor effectiveness

 Instruction that responds to different

   learning styles and language levels

 Same high-level academic expectations as

   their English only academic peers

 Family Participation

Commitment to the bilingual maintenance

  program from kinder-4th grade

 Ensure that your child com-pletes homework 

   assignments and reads in primary language

   on a daily basis.

 Promote the attitude that your child can and

   will learn a se-cond language.

 Maintaining your child’s attend-ance at 95%

   or better.

Admission Process

 All Students in K through the first half of

  2nd grade will be admitted into the Bilingual

  Maintenance Program on a first come first

  serve basis.

 New or late entering students after the

   winter break from 2nd grade up will be

   assessed by a staff member to determine

   the best possible placement of your

   student in our Bilingual Program.

 Parents and students must sign a letter of

   commitment agreeing to stay enrolled in the

   program from Kindergarten through Fourth


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