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Title 1 & IX

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Parent Involvement Tips for Your Child’s Success


• Becoming aware and understanding the State Standards and

  Common Core State Standards guidelines for proficiency at

  each grade level.

• Look at your child’s performance and be sure you understand

  where your child stands in reading & mathematics.

 Talk with your child’s teachers and principal to find out how

   you and your school can work together to improve your child’s


 Participate in Family Events.

 Volunteer in your child’s classroom, share your strengths and


 Visit with your child’s teacher regularly.

 Help your student with homework and read with your child

  every night.  

School Compact

 A compact includes parents, students, teachers, and school


 Compact defines the responsibilities of all parties to assure

   that all children reach their potential.

 This compact will outline the communication the school will

   use to ensure maximum contact between parents and those

   responsible for the education of their children.

Parent Compact for Title I

 Parent Compact for Title I

La Luz Elementary School  


Parent Portion of Compact:

  1. I will provide a caring home environment.
  2. I will teach my child the value of respecting self, others, and property. I will also teach my child appropriate behavior and good manners.
  3. I will make sure my child attends school and is on time every day.
  4. I will be involved in my child’s education, which includes reading with my child every night and completing homework.  I will make sure that homework is completed and turned in.
  5. I will read all the information that the school sends home and contact the school when I have a question or concern.
  6. I will contact my child’s teacher when I have a question or concern about the education of my child.
  7. I will seek the school and community resources that support the well being of my child.


Student Portion of Compact:

  1. I will respect the rights of others to learn.
  2. I will take responsibility for my school work and behavior.
  3. I will have good school attendance, be on time for class, and be ready to work every d ay.
  4. I will ask for help from my parents and teachers when I don’t understand.
  5. I will complete all homework assignments and read nightly.


Teacher Portion of Compact:

  1. I will always conduct myself in a courteous and professional manner.
  2. I will provide a challenging curriculum with high standards and expectations in academics and behavior, which meets all students’ needs.
  3. I will communicate in a clear, respectful and prompt manner.

     4.   I will provide opportunities for parent involvement.

     5.   I will provide students with encouragement and an opportunity to


     6.   I will communicate student’s progress with parents on a regular basis.

     7.   I will participate in professional development.


Administrator Portion of Compact:

  1. I will create avenues of communication that are easily understood, informative, and convenient between school and home.
  2. I will act as an instructional leader by supporting teachers in their classrooms.
  3. I will create a welcoming atmosphere for students and parents.
  4. I will involve parents in the educational process by: publishing a school newsletter, and encourage parents to participate on committees.


Revised April  16, 2012

Opportunity for Parent Involvement

Today: 4/23/18

La Luz Parent Involvement Policy

The purpose of our parent involvement policy is to ensure that we involve our parents to the maximum extent possible in the children’s education and in their school.

How Can You Be Involved?

Attend our annual Open House & Curriculum Night at which the school’s programs, including, assessments and the results of the assessments will be discussed as well as the requirements for Title I.

Additional meetings will be held during the year for the parents at various times to ensure that the parents have the opportunity to participate in their children’s education and in their school.

 Family Events (Days &


 Literacy Training

 Math Night

 Parent/Teacher Conferences

 Open House

 Fall Festival

 Student Recognition


How You Can Make a Difference?

Help your school develop and implement the Title I Parent Involvement Policy and other school programs. This school is committed to giving parents have a voice.

All comments are valued in designing and implementing the Title I program.

All events include a parent involvement activity evaluation form.

Data collected is used to plan future Parent Involvement activities.

Communication is Vital

-All events will be announced in

  a timely fashion, and in

  multiple formats in English and


-All events are family friendly.

-Title I information will be in

  school newsletters and on the

  school marquee.

-Teachers have phone

  extensions and/or email that

  will be published so parents 

  can contact their child’s


-Teachers communicate

  regularly to parents through

  class agendas, phone calls,

  email, notes home and progress

  reports. Parents are 

  encouraged to walk students to

  class in the morning

  for teacher communication.

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