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Emergency Procedures

School Safety

Safety is taught as a regular part of the curriculum.  Our students must obey the school rules and exercise precautions on the way to and from school.  A Safe School Response Plan is in place for emergencies that could occur both at school and off campus.


Students who walk to and from school must walk on the sidewalk and cross with the crossing guard.  The drop off area is to continue moving.  Parents wishing to walk children to and from class are requested to park their vehicle and use the designated crosswalks.

Fire Drill

Fire Drills- Fire regulations require the school to hold periodic fire drills.  Fire drills are held weekly the first four week of school and monthly thereafter.  When the fire alarm sounds, everyone in the building is required to exit according to the “Fire and Emergency Exit Plan” posted in each classroom.

  • Under the directions of the teacher, children will move to the designated area in an orderly manner.
  • The teacher will be the last one to leave the room, making sure all doors are properly closed.

NOTE: The fire code also requires that cars not park in the FIRE ZONE in front of the main building.

Lockdown or Shelter in Place

If an emergency occurs on La Luz property or in any neighboring areas, we may be required to go into a Lockdown or Shelter in Place.  If either of these occurs, children will be required to remain in their classrooms.  They will not be released to parents or guardians.  Parents will not be allowed on school campus during this time.  Parents and Guardians can get information from the news media and radio